Replace Me. Gold 1 Ally

I think it’s about that time. Retiring has been on my mind for awhile. This game has lost its soul and passion, it’s all about greed and not about making it fun for us. With that being said I’m going to take a break from this game, however I need someone really strong to take my place. I have 3 r5 5* champs, a couple of r4 and 6* champs just to give you an idea of my weight that I provide in the ally. These guys are really great, there are a couple in there that I’ve been with for close to 2 years, that should instantly show the friendship potential. Everyone else are really great teammates, not just skill wise but social wise as well, they’re all friendly. Stats for this ally are simple, Gold 1 and I believe they might start doing map 6 to reach higher ranks.

Anyways, please msg me in game or on line : ItsJustJoshhh.

Thank you and keep grinding summoners.
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