[Android] 23.1 Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



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    demboyz16demboyz16 Posts: 37
    LG Stylo 4
    Cellular/Wi-Fi (currently 4G LTE all bars)
    Version 23.1

    I lost 4 star the champion in an arena match due to the game crashing. Reloaded to see the fight was basically forfeited
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    MfurthMfurth Posts: 18
    I must apologize. You have reverted back to not being able to log on to public WiFi with any of my devices. I mistakenly complimented Kabam and I should know better. You have NOT fixed the issue with logging into public servers.
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    DineshnsDineshns Posts: 11
    Come on Kabam!!! This is getting ridiculous!!!! You may as well make summoner characters unable to attack or defend and at least be consistent!!

    As I said last month, it makes uncollected impossible. I’m losing fights I SHOULD NOT lose. When I mess up I am happy to say it’s my fault but CONSTANTLY swiping back and the character just stands there or go to parry and there is a split second lag and you miss the parry, or go to attack and the character stands there so you have to repeat. The margin for error on uncollected for a player my level is already tiny- my roster is not full of 5* and 6* champs.

    The reason you don’t care I think is because for the summoners who spend money it makes no difference. You are a disgrace Kabam that this STILL is not resolved.
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    DineshnsDineshns Posts: 11
    My post should have been in the IOS section so apologies for that but the comments all still stand.
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    MomoAkaMauriceMomoAkaMaurice Posts: 17
    In game name: MomoAkaMaurice
    All formats of game. Blocking and dexterity not happening even with 2 second gap before getting destroyed by other champ. AI response time insanely fast. After making contact with special and it wasn't blocked get hammered by champ cause he is able to attack while my special is ending. This happens a lot in ROL and AW war.
    AW I get hit by domino's heavy even after dodging backwards. This costing my a lot especially blocks that won't trigger during fights please have a look see and fix
    Device Huawei P Smart. Ps did not have this much problem with before 2 updates ago. It only happened a few times now it's happening the whole time

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    Casal_TCasal_T Posts: 63
    Samsung Note 8
    OS, Android version 9 (most current)
    MCOC most current version
    Wi-Fi (this time)
    UC Namor event (last board vs Ronin)
    Medusa 5/65, sig 200 vs Ronin
    Medusa gets stuck mid combo charging a heavy that I didnt do. Happens 5-6x in fight before I am KO'd. Already opened a ticket and posted in Bugs and Issues section.

    Here is the video:

    Also reported this before but I never received a response. Check my other posts and you will find it.
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    Big_TR92Big_TR92 Posts: 16
    Have an issue with masarce. While attacking the block to get incernation charges, the blocker will randomly attack you in the middle of your combo. That never use to happen. Additionally, masarces second special is meant to be done while the opponent is blocking yet once the special is over he has absolutely no time to block when the attacker comes in for a combo, ultimately making it useless to use if you dont want to die. Is there a possibility of fixing this?
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    Big_TR92Big_TR92 Posts: 16
    edited June 2019
    Also, when ever hyperion uses his third special once the animation is over he just stands there unresponsive to any controls, such as blocking. Leaving you wide open for an attack
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    RoystorRoystor Posts: 45
    Nombre del juego: Roystor
    Dispositivo: Xiaomi pocophone f1
    Dispositivo OS: MIUI 10.3.4
    Celular o WiFi: both of them
    Versión instalada: 24.0
    Modo de juego: Todos
    Descripción del problema: Special 1 of the thing slows down
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    A_Noob_Is1A_Noob_Is1 Posts: 762 ★★
    demboyz16 said:

    LG Stylo 4
    Cellular/Wi-Fi (currently 4G LTE all bars)
    Version 23.1

    I lost 4 star the champion in an arena match due to the game crashing. Reloaded to see the fight was basically forfeited

    Have the same phone. Game constantly crashes in all modes of gameplay.
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    Nightwraith21Nightwraith21 Posts: 68
    Not including all the times this game freezes and crashes on the daily, this one is really getting under my skin.
    Periodically in grinding arenas, my screen will go totally black. I can still hear the fight going on, but I can't seem to get visual back.
    LG V40 ThinQ
    Android Version 9
    On Wi-Fi
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    Massive issues all of the above.
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    Farseer123456789Farseer123456789 Posts: 54
    In-Game Name: Farseer123456789
    Device and Model: LG G5
    Device Operating System: 8.0
    Cellular or WiFi: both
    Game Version Installed: 23.1
    Game Mode: All
    Description of the Issue: Getting my champs to block or dashback has been constantly difficult. Either I tap to block and my champs don't react and get hit or I dash back and they block instead or do nothing. This has been going on for around 6 months. The screen on my phone is clean.
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    MattR97MattR97 Posts: 1
    In-Game Name: MattR97
    Device and Model: IPad Pro 10.5
    Device Operating System: 12.3.1
    Cellular or WiFi: Both - Version
    Game Version Installed: 23.1
    Game Mode: dungeons and quest
    Controls are unresponsive, champions fail to block, dash back or respond for a few seconds. It’s sporadic when it occurs but something is not working appropriately.
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    BababananaBababanana Posts: 12
    Game crashes at the beginning of the fight when using Domino vs Domino.

    Android 9 PKQ1
    Latest version 911827
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    jilanibuxjilanibux Posts: 64
    In-Game Name: MubsBux
    Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy S10+
    Device Operating System: Android 9.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 24.0.0
    Game Mode: All game modes
    Description of the Issue: Happens on all Map screens be it a story quest, event quest, alliance quest, alliance war, even in dungeons. I can't zoom in or out properly, I have to pinch to zoom several times for it to even register a zoom in or out by a small amount. It's a pain when scouting paths and adjusting war placements where it gets so frustrating.

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    GhepburniiiGhepburniii Posts: 16
    Hi, this is the umpteenth time (since August 2018) I'm reporting issue with game lagging/crashing

    Username: GHepburnIII
    Model: Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro(2018)
    Operating system: Android 7.1.1
    Model number: SM-J250M
    Game version: 24.0.0
    Connection: both data and wifi
    Game mode: all, quests, event quests, versus (all modes), alliance quest/war
    Description: in any quests: enter quest, first battle opponent appears completely black, background flashing, while fighting I have to press like 5-7 times to use any special 1,2, or 3 then game crashes, restart game, battle is lost have to revive and give potions to champion back to full, battle ends advance 1 or 2 nodes, game crashes.
    In versus (any 1v1, 3* 3v3, etc) enter select champion(s) background flashing, champion(s) appear black or inverted colors game crashes, restart game champion(s) selected, fight first opponent, game crashes again, restart game, complete 1 versus set (3 fights) game crashes again, so on so forth.
    Crystal opening, all avatars appear black, background flashes, game crashes again, so on and so forth.
    This also occurred on my former phone a MotoG gen 1.

    Really hope someone finally sees this and finally resolves this issue, tired of going around with 3 phones and a tablet just to play
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    LowecomotiveLowecomotive Posts: 18
    edited July 2019
    In-Game Name: Lowecomotive
    Device and Model: Galaxy S9
    Device Operating System: Android 9
    Cellular or WiFi: Both - Version
    Game Version Installed: 23.1
    Game Mode:
    AW AQ Arena
    Game pauses mainly when a defender does a special attack, therefore mistime block and wear special to the face. Happens at random times.
    Costs deaths in both and potions.
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