Looking for active team players

Hey all.

EFTD is looking for active team players ideally from Europe or the east of America to come join our alliance.

We have a couple of players retiring and are going to be leaving as soon as we have replacements so if you look at us and see we are full then they is why. They do not want to leave us high and dry so will staybtikk you guys come along.

We absolutely need team players. No players that jump on at the end of quest or war just for the rewards. The reason for an alliance is to work as a team.

We are solid at the moment in gold 2.

We carry out map 4 all week so there are no donations.

We carry out war and map together so please have 6 to 11 good champs as you dont want to be dying after 1 or 2 fights. So anyone is welcome as long as you can hold your own.

Come speak to me at connor892 in game or on line.

If your have outlived your silver/gold 3 alliance or your looming to slow down from maps 5 and above come and have a chat. We could be what your looking for. Or even if your alliance is disbanding or falling apart. Come and talk.

It is possible if there are 2 or 3 friends out there wanting a new alliance and to be in the same bg. Then guess what......come talk to me.

I look forward to hearing from you all.
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