Gold1/2. Looking for members

Aq is 543 sometimes 1 day of map6 for the map5 runners.
Our prestige is 7200+, Usually score 100mil+
No event mins.
Must be active enough for aq/aw.
Must be skilled enough and playing smart is always a plus
Line: isawacat


  • ISawACatISawACat Posts: 25
    Still looking
  • FardeenFardeen Posts: 3
    I am level 46 with a team of 5/50s beyond gods 4*s I guess I play good I am on act 5.2.5 and I have completed chapter 1 ultrons assault variant I don't know how but I am really looking for an alliance right now to help me get better 5 stars

  • ISawACatISawACat Posts: 25
    Looking still
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