Champ Specific AI

EvangelionlovrEvangelionlovr Posts: 481 ★★★
I'm getting real sick and tired of the champions AI specifically countering the way to fight that champ. First it was mordo getting super passive while he has power gain, then it was hyperion doing the same thing, now Havok is almost impossible to get to throw a heavy. I am specifically talking about 6.1.6 Havok that you have to fight about 8 **** times. I have never before fought a champ so reluctant to throw a heavy in my life. He will do MM into my block then dash away, then again, and again. 3-4 times before he finally does MLLLM into my block. I just fought him and he hit into my block about 30 times with maybe 2 heavies successfully baited.

This is ****. Can you stop being such a money grab and give us a fair fight for once??
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