The Champion against Can't Stop Won't Stop nodes AQ Map 7

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The Champion will not increase damage on Can't Stop won't stop nodes in Aq Map 7. As you can see in the picture damage while unstoppable is extremely low. In the third and fourth picture, the crit damage is the same with the third having unstoppable and the fourth not having it. I planned my whole AQ path around this so I'm kinda screwed right now.

Video of the really crappy fight if you want to see the full thing (yea I played horrible, I was a little triggered and not focused):


  • knuckles812knuckles812 Posts: 6
    Here is a second video. I was slightly less triggered since I knew what I was up against. I used a 10% champion boost and 10% attack boost to help. Here's the result:
  • knuckles812knuckles812 Posts: 6
    One more video to help the cause, this time The Champion versus Yondu:
  • We're looking into this! Thanks for bringing it to our attention!
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    Its not just Champion. The node is not working as before. Unstoppable does not bypass the 90% reduction in damage anymore.

    Something changed mid AQ. The nodes are basically 90% reduction nodes. Unstoppable bypassing the damage reduction is no longer working.

    I tried with r5 MS, Thing and CMMovie. During each of their unstoppable buffs damage was still very low.
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