AW is not fun anymore

the_eradicatorthe_eradicator Posts: 249 ★★★
Psychic Thorns . What were you guys thinking . This is too much of node damage and less of skill in this . This is not fun and not something worth the current rewards. I request to increase the amount of 5* shards everywhere cos this is becoming too unfair now. To get counters to each of these nodes , that too 5 star champs its gonna take a while . And fed up of passive AI in AQ. The new AW system nodes need to be made playable with the 95% of the normal champs who do damage by physical contact..not everyone has a havok . Also I see this damage is not being overridden by ability accuracy . Also give some sort of practise runs to see which champs work and which don't . You just directly release content like this without thorough testing.
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