Buff toggle: unstoppable question

I fought the new, fun buff toggle node with cap iw, thinking he would be able to nullify the unstoppable buff when he is kinetically charged. Well, turns out that was wrong. I tried it, he didnt nullify unstoppable when I had 5 kinetic charges and I immediate got punched in the head 5 times.

Was fighting Thing, so already had his fun unstoppable buffs to deal with. Expert map. Is there a reason why cap iw wouldnt be able to nullify the unstoppable that this node generates?


  • Fighter092Fighter092 Posts: 128
    Thing is nullify inmune
  • Don't know if that unstoppable is a buff or a passive one, but Thing is nullify immune. So you won't nullify anything from him
  • LumillionLumillion Posts: 2
    Either way,CapIW wouldn't nullify that unstoppable because its a passive one once again.Had confirmation when fighting Domino,also couldn't nullify.
  • Finalflash8Finalflash8 Posts: 54
    Makes sense. Thanks guys
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