Is a 5/65 Hyperion viable for a 1st LOL run?

As the title suggest is he a valid option? And if so what synergies and masteries should be active?


  • DRTODRTO Posts: 768 ★★★
    He can do it, I'd recommend adding cosmic supremacy synergy plus extra attack for the other spots.
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    Nick Fury's 20% attack boost through synergy is fantastic for LOL. Just make sure you kill him off before the first fight.
  • myPUNCAKEmyPUNCAKE Posts: 347
    Thanks for the advice y’all
  • myPUNCAKEmyPUNCAKE Posts: 347

    Used him for my initial clear. It was actually pretty painless. Good Luck.

    What synergies and masteries where you running?
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