17.6 mil 150+AQ Gold 2 AW

LXG is looking for strong and active members to fill our ranks. We are a good organized group of veteran players that want good rewards and also have fun. We are looking for members that share our goal and want to focus on both AQ and AW.

Our goal:

Top 500 in AQ

Gold 1 in AW


75k Gold
5k loyalty
(Reminder on Friday must be in by Saturday )

6k+ prestige

Participation and communication (must show show up and communicate in a timely manner for AQ and AW)

Must also be able to clear paths in AQ and AW effectively

must be 18+

Must use line

No event minimums

If interested please contact me over line and I will get back to you ASAP
Line ID: djackzx


  • Djackz_1Djackz_1 Posts: 65
    Currently looking to replace a retiring member of interested let me know 😁
  • Djackz_1Djackz_1 Posts: 65
    Looking for active members tier 6 AW 150+ in AQ and still going up
  • Djackz_1Djackz_1 Posts: 65
    Looking for 1 after AQ ends
  • Djackz_1Djackz_1 Posts: 65

  • Avetrex2Avetrex2 Posts: 58
    Are you still looking? Add me in Game @Avetrex
  • Djackz_1Djackz_1 Posts: 65
    Add me on line if interested
    ID : Djackzx
  • Djackz_1Djackz_1 Posts: 65
    Still looking for skilled active members if interested let me know
  • Djackz_1Djackz_1 Posts: 65
    If interested we are looking for a replacement ASAP line ID: djackzx
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