Silver 2, AQ Map 5 and 4 Ally looking for 3 Adults that are Solid Active Experienced Players to join

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Greetings from Infinity Gauntlet Alliance. We are looking for 3 solid, active, great communicating and experienced players to join our alliance. We are looking for Map 4 and Map 5 experience with the ability get through each section in AQ from day 1 to day 5. We are usually around the 90-110 mil milestone mark for those that want to know what Glory and Map crystal rewards we are getting. Our beginning prestige for AQ starts at 5300. with 3 players joining that will go up for sure. If you are looking for a home that you can stay with for a long time please look us up or send me a message on Line. Line ID is zbot34

Here are our alliance requirements to being a part of the alliance.

1. Line app is mandatory because we use that for communication. Because communication is a key to any successful alliance. lack of communication is almost as bad as any bugs in the game. it causes the whole thing to collapse and quickly.

2. Be active. We try our best to work as a team and without being active things can fall apart quite quickly.

3. Mandatory Weekly Donations of Gold and Loyalty Every Saturday by 9pm PST. This is for us to continue Map 5 in AQ. we have a 3 Strike rule to be fair. if you do not donate 3 times you will be booted. If you forget which we understand sometimes can happen you will be asked to donate double on Sunday. If by Monday still nothing is Donated that will count as the 1st strike. We are all adults here and constant reminders shouldn't have to be made like we are children.

4. AQ is mandatory to join over doing solo content, AW is first come first serve basis as we run 1-2 bgs in War during both off season and during Season. War rewards are free, free to play so no stress is needed beyond just doing your absolute best.

5. No Drama, we don't want players that will mooch off us, lazy players that won't pull their own weight. We want Self Motivated Players will to work as a team, willing to help those that ask for it, Players willing to show patience as we work out the kinks within the alliance.

6. If you see something happening that you are displeased with or have a question about please contact an officer or the leader first. do not call out in the chat room. that is both Disrespectful and Condescending which nobody needs. Especially in a Video game.

7. Have Fun, remember you are playing a video game. this isn't a job, this isn't a life commitment. It's a video game. if you don't have fun you won't want to play. We just ask you be mindful of the rules, be respectful of your fellow players and help as much as you are able to.

Contact me on Line at zbot34.


  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 174
    Update. Still Looking for 3 players to join us.
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 174
    Now I will be looking for 4 people to join as 1 is retiring from the game today from my alliance.
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 174
    Update. Looking for 2 players now. If you meet the requirements from above please hit me up on line at zbot34
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