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Calling Earth's Mightiest Warriors- Our Alliance needs new heroes in the ongoing fight .

Calling Earths mightiest warriors

Warriors of the battlerealm need new heroes in the ongoing fight .

2.6million rated alliance looking for players .

We do Aq map 3/4 and map 2 when engaged in war .

We regularly participate in wars and with our current war rating of 969 We get 4 star shards, win or lose .

SA biweekly at the moment but if we get the right players that could change .

We use line to organise our attacks but it's not a mandatory requirement .

So if you are 60k+ rated ( or 40k + if you have mad skills) , active and willing to work in a team then you need to join the Warriors of the Battlerealm alliance.

Contact our Esteemed Leader( ign) Biggreendong or officer Ruzzman1


  • neeksbneeksb Posts: 24
    bump still looking guys! feel free to message me as well: Neeksb
  • neeksbneeksb Posts: 24
    Still looking to add members. We have 7 spots available.
  • my IGN is iSymbioid. I added them. I have 30k rating but I am a skilled fighter
  • neeksbneeksb Posts: 24
    Alliance is now 3.3 million with 4 spots open
  • neeksbneeksb Posts: 24
    BUMP! currently in rebuilding mode with a core of about 20 members. now at 3.6 million
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