Invisible Woman restores to full health

I was fighting IW in uncollected eq and got her to about 40% health. Suddenly she restored her health to 99%. Is that supposed to happen? Is this one of her abilities? Is this a node?
Also, next fight I was at about 80% health with my 5* rank 4 blade, when she killed me with one strike. That seems excessive to me. Is that also part of her abilities?

I am a player almost since the beginning, but this type of content and these types of issues are sucking all the fun out of your game. And without fun, this game has no more purpose for me.

Please fix your game asap!


  • FrnkieloFrnkielo Posts: 152
    Masochism node
  • F5_WhatevsF5_Whatevs Posts: 2
    Same thing happened to me in an epic rift, it isn't a masochism node. You and everybody else has been saying that like it answers the question, but they don't work like how this is happening.

    I hit her with a KM sp3 and gave her 17 bleed stacks, none of which were nullified. They just couldn't keep up with the 80%+ health she regened over like 3 seconds.
  • GertjeBEGertjeBE Posts: 5
    Masochisme heals 15%, not 60%
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