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Which 4* Mystic champ should I awaken?

First time on forum. Hello all and Thank you for your input.

Which 4* Mystic champ should I awaken? 26 votes

Ghost Rider
OrcDovahkiinM1k0rinZombieZeddFhfjghhggggjfhfjgPete4ever_khanGritabitEtjamaMahi7714FreeToPlay_21Thicco_ModeBrudixTreeDkiller123 12 votes
Symbiote Supreme
Mets17Stark78AlfaIncitatus666MiStaLovaGiganteaLion101Nikhil_MBOneOmegaGiodood_1 9 votes
Spity68 1 vote
TrojanX05Bryliantu93Flappy_Ninja64COOL_ILLUMINATI1 4 votes


  • Hector_1475Hector_1475 Posts: 1,637 ★★★★
    Ghost Rider if you do use him and want to increase his damage output.

    Guillotine if you don't have another regen champ and you have quite a few stones for her sig.

    Dormammu if you wish to put him on AWD.

  • BrudixTreeBrudixTree Posts: 801 ★★
    Ghost Rider
    i dont have gr and dormamu, i dont know them too good.
    But what i know is that 1 stagger per 15 seconds for symb supreme isnt too good, as you already deal eough staggers just like this. So Symb Supreme doesnt Need it.
    Giulltine ive heard might be a choice, but in my opinion do it the following way:
    Awaken GR if you have Blade and Sparky
    Wait for Doctor Woodoo if you want a champ that deals big fat damage with poison
    Wait for Morningstar, who benefits really much from his dupe (at least in my opinion): He makes enemy buffs weaker and in reverse gets These buffs himself, but more important, he just starts the fight of with one Soul, with tine synergy he starts of with 2 souls and you get to the 3 Soul by activating sp3, so you have 3 souls and youre damage is much bigger then!
  • M1k0rinM1k0rin Posts: 605 ★★
    Ghost Rider
    Ghost rider help alot on AQ, for long fight regen ability help alot
  • hmdemerahmdemera Posts: 78
    edited June 2019
    I do use Ghost Rider quite often with Iceman and Hyperion, though they are unduped as well. I don't really use Guillotine as she is unduped and don't have too many mystic sig stones. Otherwise, I would use her with my duped Morning Star for the synergy bonus. She is great when she has 4 souls or more.
    I do have a Doctor Voodoo and enjoy the poison damage and power drain. I've used Dormammu in AQ for power control, but had a hard time getting him to regen. He does a lot of damage but doesn't take too many hits.
  • hmdemerahmdemera Posts: 78
    I ended up awakening Ghost Rider as I do use him more often than the others. I considered symbiote supreme as I've heard he is an awesome champ, but I honestly haven't used him enough to know.
    Thank you for your suggestions.
  • Flappy_Ninja64Flappy_Ninja64 Posts: 109
    Dormammu is nift
  • Flappy_Ninja64Flappy_Ninja64 Posts: 109
    Dormammu is pretty nifty
  • hmdemerahmdemera Posts: 78
    I agree Flappy. I use Dormammu often in AW for power control. It's a little difficult to execute but his regen also comes in handy. Wish I had a 4* Hela so that I could increase the regen amount 50%.
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