Too little 4* shards in event quest

DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
Hi, I noticed the Heroic event quest did not have the 1400 4 star shards as stated in the announcement this month.
Instead there are only 1200 shards.
Is this a mistake in the game or in the announcement? (bet I know the answer)
Just thought I`d let you know.


  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 10,814 ★★★★★
    I haven’t done it yet but are there small 4* shards for individual quests that could make up the gap
  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
    Ah, didn`t check that. That might very well be the case.
  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
    Couldn't find any shards in the mission rewards.
    @Kabam Miike could you please shed some light on this?
    Ps: sorry for tagging you
  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
    Uh yes. Looked at the missions and the rewards in the character selection screen. I didn`t see any orange shards. Only the 1200 in the rewards that are presented for the event.
    Why would I reply that I didn`t check and later reply that I couldn`t find any if I didn't look.
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