LF ally

I came from a short break of a month . And sincerely lot changed like map5 and so on

I looking for laid back ally who don't need minimums . Initially I am looking a ally where life comes first and I am not stressed much.
Got some experience in map5 . Uncollected (if that helps )and here are boys and girls

Got some 5 stars
R4 blade
R4 iceman
Nearly 290k+ base rating (if counts)
IGN:- Emperor L Dragon


  • Hey there, went ahead and moved this to the Alliance Recruitment section so that you can have an easier time finding an Alliance. Good luck!
  • SelmoSelmo Posts: 4
    We have started a new ally .... we are 10 200k+ members at the moment . Add me on Line : selmo92 .... we do AQmap 4 and higher
  • Hey! Add me on Line: Hugh Jazz XIV or wam. We are growing, laid back, and real life/family always comes first. AQ/AW focused and need ya to rank up! No minimums, too!
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