Normal Monthly EQ Rewards

So obviously once you get past a certain point in the game, trying to 100% the monthly event quest seems like a waste of energy and time. Recently, we did get the change to the monthly rewards which I think was well needed and I'm very thankful we got that change. That being said, I think there's just one more small tweak to the normal mode rewards that kabam could make that would be very beneficial for everyone involved in MCOC. Every month the 100% rewards for normal include a 3 star champion. Most of the time it's a prominent champion in the story of the event quest, but usually is an older champion who will be useless past Act 4-5. Personally, I think it would be a great idea for Kabam to change that 3 star to one of the new featured champions for that month. If this change was made, content creators would have an assured way to get their hands on this new featured hero and give players some insight on whether they think this hero would be worth going for or not. If people want to test the character out for themselves, then they have the opportunity to spend the time and the energy to do it, and new players have a really good reward to be going for in that difficulty of the EQ. That being said this would also make going for the 100% Normal rewards worth going for, even if you're in the endgame but still want to test the new heroes out. Over all, I just think it's a beneficial tweak that could be made to an already great buff to the monthly EQ rewards. I'd love to hear peoples thoughts about this.
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