Need some Map 4/5 experienced players

AakashAakash Posts: 337
edited May 2017 in Alliance Recruitment
We are a 4 million+ AQ focused alliance. We did map 5 but are we are doing 4,4,3,3,3 in the first few AQ series (till we get used to Dormammu and season 4). We are very well coordinated we have seperate chats for each battlegroup where we plan our stratergies. We do summoner advancement every week and get 450 5* shards and 400* 4 star shards without hoarding crystals. We have some great 250k+ players and players who have completed stuff like ROL and Act 5. Its a great place to learn and teach at the same time. We missed expert tier by 39 spots this time and we are going to try our best to enter it this time! Requirements *Should have map 4/5 experience *Should have around 150k rating (minimum 120k) *Line app is compulsory

If interested contact me on line: aakash8826 or Jo444
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