Recent Update and no longer can connect to certain WiFi's (at work)

Since the 23.1 Update I can no longer connect to my wifi at work. (both my phone and my iPad Pro) Other "internet" games connect fine. I can connect with cellular if I step outside (cell signal terrible in my building) and my home wifi works fine and worked fine on my cruise sailing on the Atlantic Ocean. UGH

In-Game Name: Eyedoc1
Device and Model: iPhone Xs
Device Operating System: 12.3.1
Cellular or WiFi: Can't log in at all hit my work WiFi- "connection errors" "Please check your connection" right away" (see above) - only since most recent Update (has been fine for several years of playing - and no we haven't changed anything here at work regarding the WiFi - Plus my other "net" games work fine. We aren't "blocking" MCOC at work, plus it worked fine until latest update
I can't help my alliance during day to jump into AQ or whatever with current situation -
I do have the latest MCOC Update available - 23.whatever latest is

Please Help !!
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