Act 6.2 Power Index Falsely Advertised?



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    @DTMelodicMetal Thanks for the beta videos! Were they were recorded during testing, prior to release? PI, buffs, rank, and level remains unchanged if so.


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    Also the opponents’ health is around 150k throughout the entire chapter but then on 6.2.3 it doubles then goes back down for the remainder of the chapter. Is that because of the Icarus node?

    It’s because the champions with lesser PI are lower ranked champions r1 6*s in 6.2.2 and 6.2.1, then in 6.2.3, 6.2.4, 6.2.5 they are ~r3 6*s.

    Why? Unsure but speculating I would say tuning for the global nodes to make them less of a challenge; when the global might be too punishing or when the global node can greatly benefit champions. It’s permanent content and you’ll see future content that is able to practically exploit mechanics like Icarus.

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    @DTMelodicMetal Thanks for the beta videos! Were they were recorded during testing, prior to release? PI, buffs, rank, and level remains unchanged if so.


    The videos I posted on YouTube were recorded during the 6.2 beta. The design differences in 6.2.3 and 6.2.4 could have been intended to prevent players from steamrolling those levels with certain max boosted champions like Corvus Glaive and to a lesser extent Ghost (hardest champ for devs to counter). As challenging as Act 6.1 was, max boosting with Ghost/Omega/Corvus/Aegon was enough to get full exploration for Act 6.1 with 0 to little item use.

    IMO Act 6 was clearly intended take story quest difficulty to new levels while factoring in endgame players’ rosters of 5/65 champions. The difficulty of some Act 6 nodes and combinations of nodes bring back memories of SNK final boss fights from King of Fighters games like Igniz and Magaki . I’m ok with with this because I don’t agree with the idea that a deep roster and unlimited item use should be enough to explore all content the 1st day it’s released. Strategy makes MCOC a lot more fun.
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    Just asked the team about this. This was a cosmetic bug and is the same version of the Map that was playtested by our Beta Testers and internally. Their Strength is what it was intended to be, though we understand that this is a little confusing, and we might fix it in the future.

    So you are saying that the 60k PI champion should actually be a 30k PI champion, but still have the health and attack rating of a 60k PI champion? Sure, cosmetic.

    Why even bother posting pre-release info when you are just going to depart from it - whether intentionally or as a bug you won't admit?
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    Not 'cosmetic'...I played the content and hence I can confirm. It a guff up. Kinda feels like kabam ain't taking the santity of the new content seriously. Please dont let the end gamers such as myself who spend 1000's in the game each month lose confidence. We will just take our money else where.
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    I'm sure it will be fixed once all the big spenders and heavy hitters have there legend runs and Kabam are satisfied with the milking of the community. I would love to see how quick it would get fixed if it was half the PI instead of double as it stands now.
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    I'm not trying instigate but it seems like KABAM MIIKE has been working with KABAM long enough to the point that he got fed up with all the comments we give, either positive or negative, he is now stop being nice as he was before.
    Some of his recent comments especially in this thread don't reflect any deep thoughts. They look pitiful.
    Sure enough because of that people use that comments against him and KABAM.
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    Credit to @TheKiryu for the video.

    😂😂 bro @KerayZ
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    xNig said:

    Credit to @TheKiryu for the video.

    😂😂 bro @KerayZ

    So Corvus would cheese the easy path... big deal? Put some nodes on the other paths that make Corvus more of a challenge to bring in.

    Anyway, not everyone has the luck to pull 5 or 6* Corvus. Similarly, not everyone has the luck to pull 5 or 6* Heimdall and Angela/Hela to get through 6.2.2 Mister Sinister. I think it’s better for there to be a cheese option and the rest of a roster would be “manageable” to use than have all champs suffer the consequences of one being OP.

    IMO, the Icarus global node clearly requires some extra mechanic put into it rather than doubling the health and attack pool of the defenders on the map to keep Corvus out.

    Frankly, I still used my 4/55 Corvus to shred through Doctor Strange, and possibly Symbiote Supreme as well if I remember correctly. Just took an extra revive - which is all this clever setup is really achieving. More items required, and still propagates a small range of champions to use.
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