Incoming Fixes: Buff Toggle (Unblockable/Unstoppable) and Psychic Thorns


We have an incoming bug fix for the Buff Toggle (Unblockable) and Buff Toggle (Unstoppable) Nodes:

- The Unstoppable/Unblockable Buff granted from the Node will now have a Maximum stack of 1, instead of 99
- If the Unstoppable/Unblockable Buff granted from this Node is Nullified, Removed, or Prevented from triggering, the duration of time that it would have been active will be added to the Cooldown before the next Buff is activated.
- The Icons that represent the timer for the Unstoppable/Unblockable Buff's activation will now be unique, and will appear as separate Icons on the HUD, instead of stacking with other Timers.

We have an additional fix incoming for Psychic Thorns:

- Psychic Thorns will now interact with Ability Accuracy Reduction
- Omega Red will no longer take damage from Psychic Thorns on his Tentacle Attacks

This Fix will be live within the coming hour.
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