The cpu should not be able to engage the special 3

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Before I start, I would like to first say that I highly enjoy the game, and have been playing it for quite a while. I am good at the combat and can defeat a Considerably higher level opponent without much of a hassle, but here is where my problems begin. The specials 1 and 2 can be completely avoided, or at the very least minigated by blocking it. It is possible to to prevent taking damage by being skilled and using the parry rand dexterity mechanics in game. However the special 3 cannot be blocked or evaded, and does full damage every single time. It feels very unfair and unsatisfying to have a combo of 60 hits and having your opponent in their final 10% with full health, only for your opponent to pull off a special 3 and just one shot you. There is no possible way to block it or avoid it and the 20% damage reduction does not feel like a significant enough change for it to make a difference as my champion would be one shot regardless of that reduction. In addition to that, the damage reduction does not even appear every time, so even if you can consistently get the reduction there is no guarantee that you will presented with that opportunity.

This is not the only issue that comes with this however, because of the unlockable nature of the speck 3 it forces the player to try.baiting out the special 2 every time to avoid instantly dying, this means that the fighting becomes annoying and repetitive because all that can be done is bait out the special 2 and if my champion's damage output is little because they are very underleveled for this match up. This means I might have to bait out that special 2 15-20 times.

An answer might just be to upgrade. My champion's but this is also something I run into a lot in areas and ecpecialy with my 3 star champions who struggle agai s 4 stars they go up against. This can also be faced in the lass catalyst quests, where a player may be unable to aquire a catalyst to upgrade their champion ecause e en though they are good with the combat, they cannot defeat the enemies because of the special 3 which they cannot survive so they are stuck at their same level I indefinitely.

To clarify I am not asking you to remove the special 3 from the game completely, rather suggesting that the cpu or opponent be unable to use it because it puts players in an instant death situation which cannot be avoided by being skilled enough. (its like winning the battle but losing the cutscene, an aspect of the game is game which you have no control over).

P. S. Thank you for reading my rant, I hope you take it into your consideration an this is the largest issue I've had with the game so far and look forward to seeing it fixed. :)

P. P. S. sorry for any spelling mistakes I might have made...


  • Their is this thing called a special bait where you bait the special but then again, Arena bots never seem to use their specials unless you do a heavy attack
  • Learn to bait specials or use power drain it’s that easy, quests don’t usually have a sp3 active unless specified by a node
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