Champion GLITCH

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Dear Summoners
A very good day to you all
Actually, my friend opened a 5-star hero crystal but due to network error issues, his game got glitched off...
When he reopened the game, he saw a new champion on his champions icon.
The champ was already opened during the glitch. It was MEDUSA.
When he complained about it to the game team, they told that the champions were already fixed and that spinning was just for animation purposes.

I wanted to know whether this fact is true or false.
Please reply asap game team



  • BoneBone Posts: 30
    Yeah seriously I would switch all but 3 of my fav 5* for medusa
  • WîndšpäveWîndšpäve Posts: 297
    Yeah, you’d get the same champ if you would’ve popped the crystal or spun it out
  • Bafamet_1979Bafamet_1979 Posts: 20

    AA glitch

  • Bafamet_1979Bafamet_1979 Posts: 20

    One more
  • Hey jush2003, the Crystal Spin you see in the game is merely a visual effect and doesn't always reflect the Prize you'll receive. However, you can avoid any confusion by using the “Open Crystal” feature, located on the bottom right of the Crystal Vault screen. This will automatically open up to 10 Crystals that are currently in the Crystal Vault and will not affect the drop rate in any way.
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