Requesting changes in AQ and the overall game

Hi , I do understand this is a company that needs to make profits continuously . But I do think there are some basic activities in the game where you should not rely too much on the cash and skill is what should come above it.
The recent changes made to AQ-
1- 90% of the player base does not like the nodes you put on Hyperion
2-Also there are 2 hyperions that you need to defeat then a 15-20k rated Electro as a mini boss before the final boss Thanos. (Map 5)
3-We can ignore the fact that electro is there...coming to the main issue -- Why hyperion failed as a minboss and what is wrong with AQ AI ?
This is a message to the game devs directly ---
The hyperions in Story quests and Event quests are easy to bait as he always throws his specials if baited properly and is very aggresive , this allows for intercepts and other maneuvers .
The Hyperion in AQ , throws his sp1 immediately but if he goes past or reaches sp2 , he just does not throw it . He stands at one corner and does not do anything. Just stands , does not block . But if we try to intercept or go in for combo he intercepts us. What kind of AI is that I ask ?
If he stands still not blocking we cannot intercept
If we try to attack and start our combo he lunges towards us and intercepts us instead
If we cannot parry him and start our combo bcos intercept is out of the window , then this alone shows the AI in AQ is not working properly,
I believe if the AI was programmed right....he would still work with empathic lock on .
Also I observed the ultron drones showing the same behavior , I bait 2-3 times no specials , just lunges and them trying to Intercept us. When will they throw the special man. I think you guys need to work on the AI of AQ again. Before someone said...the AQ AI was too aggresive , but I think to tone it down you made it like this. I feel in this end-game level of gameplay...aggressive specials and play from opponents is important . Please make this change as soon as possible.
AQ is an important Alliance Activity.
I saw a lot of players quit after rambling about the changes you made , don't lose your player base do something abt it.
You just cannot make hard content when there are inherent flaws within the actual system which was the base , it just does not work.

As far as AW is concerned, there are numerous videos on Youtube complaining about the changes made.
But my perspective is -- You have made the defenders in AW too reliant on the nodes instead of the defensive prowess they naturally have. I get it , this will promote diversity in the long run but still I don't think you planned the nodes properly before releasing it . The combination of annoying defenders and the nodes is making it impossible to go through these nodes. Yes the nodes are creative but the player base has to fight them on a regular basis..and its just not cool every time .
Also I think forced inverted controls and stuff like that is just like forcing the players to play a particular way instead of what they prefer...that is bad. Its like telling someone to play call Call of Duty on inverted aim controls instead of the normal controls .
Thank you for reading.
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