Greetings Summoner, Due to issues affecting Alliance Wars, Alliance War Season 36 will be postponed until August 24th, 2022 and the minimum number of Wars Summoners are required to participate in to qualify for rewards will be reduced to 3. The Season will be shortened to 3 weeks.

The currently active War will not count affect the Season scores. War Rating will still be affected by these Wars.

For more information please see this post.

Iceman’s Armor Not Regenerating if Nullified at Start of Fight

Have tried using Iceman again Hype with Fate Seal as Map 5 mini boss and in war against Fistcuffs node. In both cases, Ice Armor doesn’t form at start of fight because of debuff. However, Ice Armor still doesn’t regen once debuff expires, and you have to fire off an SP3 to get it to start working properly again. Don’t recall it working this way prior to new AW and AQ update.


  • That's how some abilities based on cooldowns always worked under the effect of fate seal. If the effect is there before and after the cooldown expires, it will desactivate the ability. The only way to trigger it is to reset it (for Iceman, you need to use the special 3)
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