Dormammu and Hood Synergie

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How will I see what villains could get resurrected by the synergie and who won't? Is Nebula a villain? Is she considered "robotic"?

Is Mordo a villain? I'm mean he is in the the movies, not so much?! Same with Nebula... and what about Yondu? He isn't exactly a hero...but is he a villain? Ghostrider?
What about UCOL and Venompool? Never heard of them before mcoc...

Is there any way to see in the champions profile who's considered a villain???


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    Select the champion you wish to see information for (through the champions tab/via someone's profile/the featured champion on the home screen/etc).

    When you have the screen where the champion is spinning in the middle, click the 'i' button next to attributes (in the top left).

    In the sub menu that opens there is a 'champions tags' section. This will tell you the categories that specific champion comes under- Mordo, for example, has a #villian. Robots have #robot, etc.

    As far as I know, there is no way in game to view all champs with a certain hashtag, but there are player-made resources which will tell you this.

    Hope that helps!
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    Thanks a lot.

    Still hope some admin will post an official list who's affected by that synergy and who's not...
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    Regarding Marvel Nebula is a cyborg, a Luphomoid (...are a blue and purple skinned humanoid race. Nebula is a member of this race.) with technological enhancements.

    Kabam listed her as a #robot... smh
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    I am king grooot (villain)
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