Summoners, earlier today a notification for a Guardians of the Galaxy gift was delivered to some Summoners. This was done by accident, and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Tier 3/4 War//655x5 AQ (200mil) LF 1-3 8k+ presrige

Alliance is looking for a few replacements for coming War season.

Currently tier 4, go between 3/4. Gold 1, not actively pushing P3 at this time. If it happens, it happens.

Turning more focus towards AQ. Mostly running 655x5 but BG2/3 will likely incorporate map 6 once or twice a week to increase score. Hit 558 last week, looking for top 500 and eventually towards 250.

2 5/65 minimum, Line required.

ButOfCorpse in-game and Line. Hit me there.

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