How good is Aegon for questing

Thecrusher_9756Thecrusher_9756 Posts: 608 ★★★
So I recently just pulled Aegon from a 5* crystal and I have a generic gem I can use on him. I’ve done one run through LOL and don’t really plan to 100% it. I’m wondering how good Aegon is outside of LOL. How far should I take him? Should I use a generic? Any advice is super helpful thanks


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    It depends on how many sig stones you can use on him. Higher the sig the more it benefits him. By the way you can still use him for questing but he is best for long fights like rol and lol
  • Monk1Monk1 Posts: 149
    Monster in act 6
  • Ezra7676Ezra7676 Posts: 337
    I'm not that great a player but I have him 4/55 duped. For shorter duration use he's still pretty good. He gains tenacity early in the combo, making him useful against debuffs. At 50 hits he goes unstoppable while charging heavy. So I like to basically time that and the attacker hits into it. No damage, Aegon gets furies and time to pop an S2 right off and get some good damage.
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    I have him at 5/50 sig 70 and he’s very fun to play with. Ægon is the type of champ you hold a generic for. I would say top 3 best uses of generic are Void, Omega Red and Ægon. Put all of ur skill stones in him and consider some of ur basics as well.
  • Thecrusher_9756Thecrusher_9756 Posts: 608 ★★★
    Thanks guys, think I will awaken and rank 4 him
  • Ezra7676Ezra7676 Posts: 337
    Just had a great example. Uncollected quest Abomination. I used Aegon with less than 20hits on combo. Took down Abomination in 36hits. He shrugged poison off with crits.
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    Monk1 said:

    Monster in act 6

    certain parts of act 6, I have a 5* R 200sig. like cull, certain nodes can make him less than.
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    I used R4 5* 130 Sig Aegon against this month's Invisible Woman in Uncollected Difficulty. Made the fight a breeze. @150 Combo I could punch right through her Invisible Shield. He's just a beyond god tier champ once you get those combos going.
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    I used generic gem on my aegon 5 star. And he's now 140 Sig r4. He's an amazing champ. Boss killer. Few days back I was confused whom to r5 between him, Blade (got r5 spark, r4 GR) and cap iw. I r5ed cap above aegon only because I don't have 5 star SL or proxima which is the most important synergy for him. If I had it then I would have r5ed aegon. He's definitely one of the best candidate for generic awakening. Good luck.
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