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player 595K looking for a friendly alliance who play average not so much pressure just enough

i have lot of champs not under 30000 def for AW
looking for 553 or 533 or full 4, score 50 millions but the best way is 80 millions :-)
i dont play assigned path if you use a plan dont contact me i know where i have to go in war an aq
i use line for communication but i m not very often connected because i have a real life and i dont want to be bother when at work so line is disable when busy work life come first if you can understand that it s good.
i play all events but just a little for arena i dont want player who just wait rewards
same for war if we play 2/3 groups we must fill all the groups no playing in minority i stopped with my old alliance because that and they played only 1 group with only 6 active sucks !!!!!
last thing alliance must play for gold 3 and must be 10 millions not under and many level 60 and uncollectable !!!!! thanks

you can find me in the game : JeanClaudeDusse (the famous one)


  • Th3N0t0r10u5Th3N0t0r10u5 Posts: 88
    Add me on line: th3notorious88 we can chat
  • BradMercerBradMercer Posts: 206
    I’ve added u in game we can discuss a future there or on line? My ID is bradmercer
    We hit 60 million last series and it’s only climbing!
  • Queen143Queen143 Posts: 330
    Line id- shonaidey
    Added u ingame Queen B€€ username
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