Map 6 Crystals Bug?

I don’t open map 6 crystals for nothing because I don’t need the extra t4cc overflowing my inventory, but today I decided to open a few and I found t5b’s in the rotation. 😳
I thought these were a new edition to the crystals, so I opened 130 of them for a chance at 1 t5b shard, cause I’m about 500 shards off from a full one.
Well I played myself cause apparently it’s not in them, so why are they displayed?! 🤔 Anyone else notice this? Kabam is there a real reason for this false hope? Cause I’m feeling a little cheated. 🕵️‍♂️ Please help me solve this mystery.


  • Izze_KingIzze_King Posts: 193
    That’s not the same thing at all. Cav crystals say 6star champs are available. Map 6 crystals don’t say t5b anywhere, yet they appear in the crystal. So that like saying, I opened a 5star basic crystals and I saw 6stars champs in the wheel. Obviously something is wrong.
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