LF 4 players, AQ top 500 (Map 5&6), AW Gold 1

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Hello everyone my name is Ian, id game SkyfallNow.
We are:
- Focus AQ
- Map 665 3 days, 655 2 days
- Top 500 (last AQ rank 457)
- Gold 1 tier 3-5 AW
- Our members are from Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, China.

We are looking for 4 players.
- Active and serious
- Have 1 or 2 *5R5
- Communication

If you want to grow with us, please contact me via Line: ian_pasani.

Thank you.


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    IGN Helzmez.
    Line Id: bemiiehelz

    Very active and skillfull player. Just finding an active alliance that I can join to build up my roster faster. If you are okay with it i would like to join your Alliance.

    Im from Singapore
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    I will contact via Line
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    Hello we are looking for 1 member again for Monday. Please contact me if you need ally. Thank you 😀

    Asia, GMT+7
    Id line: ian_pasani

    Last time AQ rank is 300+

    Update: 1 spot leave (7 July)
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    Hello we are looking for 1 member after AW season

    Update: 1 spot leave (12 July)
    South East Asia Gmt+7 welcome

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