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Cap iw parry/stun from auto block

Msyounus1288Msyounus1288 Posts: 221 ★★
edited June 2019 in General Discussion
Why is a max sig cap iw with a skill champ on the team not able to shrug off stun from auto block parry against Medusa? I have fought Medusa with the same team multiple times in war and always been able to purify the stun from auto block since cap has 100% chance to purify debuffs with a skill on the team as long he’s kinetically charged. I was able to shrug off the first stun but not the second right after.


  • Sixshot1Sixshot1 Posts: 459 ★★
    Need to know the node you were on for this one.
  • Msyounus1288Msyounus1288 Posts: 221 ★★
    Debuff immune mini boss node 55
  • Msyounus1288Msyounus1288 Posts: 221 ★★

    Your opponent most likely has tha pacify mastery active, which reduces your chance to shrug off debuffs while stunned by up to 30%.

    Basically, against someone with maxed pacify, shrugging off stuns only has a 70% chance with a max sig cap.

    Makes sense thanks.
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