Currently, Alliance Prestige (as it concerns Alliance Quests) is not taking Relic Prestige into account. If possible, we are working to address this for the next round of Alliance Quests but will have more information for you when it is available.
Due to issues affecting Alliance Quests, we will be cancelling the current series of Alliance Quests. For more information, including compensation information, read more here: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/320306/cancelling-alliance-quests-november-24-2022/

Floating Double Dash Back Still An Issue?

I know he was super nerfed, but I still like playing with Dr Strange every so often. But I've been finding with him, Rocket and my Voodoo that their double dash back is still slower than any regular "standing" champions. Especially with fights with Venom or Venompool, where they constantly attack into you, and attack forward, I still get clipped. Any chance this is /will get fixed? Or am I just a terrible player?
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