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Real Time PVP and Practice Mode

I just wanted to say that kabam and its team is working towards the real time PvP by this everyone know this,when you fight against a real player not by using their names and their champs are controlled by A.I's... We need Real time PvP and practice mode were you train only with your roster champs and select training settings, if you have played Tekken and Mortal kombat were you train with champs and select settings you want, you will not gain any gold, XP or any resources from this mode... We just practice... Like me I'm struggling to dex korgs sp1... Please we need this mode.. If you can add it kabam please


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    ItsDamienItsDamien Posts: 5,626 ★★★★★
    Real Time Pvp would not work in this game. Unlike traditional fighting games where you can feint and counter an opponents hits, you can't do that here. As well as that, the stress on the servers of trying to deal with each players inputs would probably fry them, or cause such ridiculous latency that your moves would come out half a second later.
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    Schneider_92Schneider_92 Posts: 24
    For practice you can duel champs aswell to get used to them, duel credits are really easily earned or can repeat at 5 units per fight. The above comment covers my opinion on PvP real time aswell, I picture people just backing up from eachother constantly to it just wouldn't work in my opinion, not for mcoc anyways.
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    Thanks boys for your opinions.. Makes sense to me
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    SarreySarrey Posts: 55
    even if there is not Real time PvP, there should be some practice room/mode. Where we can
    1. select our player
    2. select oppponent
    3. enhance nodes on opponent
    4. enhance them with rating and ISO infused.
    4. adjust their sp biased
    5. select synergy for opponenet

    And its not that difficult I hope. Also it help in practicing AW nodes, bose, monthly UC bose.
    In the beggining just give very less and basic options. Then update and enhance them based on the response.

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    @sarrey u r right that's what I'm trying to suggest but kabam won't listen 👂
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    XdSpoodermanxDXdSpoodermanxD Posts: 531 ★★★
    Sounds like a cool idea, would definitely be neat if they applied it.
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