Prepare your alliance, summoner

Kabam: We're going to make major changes to the war map before the new season, but we're going to give you a few weeks to practice and adjust.

My alliance: [practices extensively, rearranges battlegroups to cope with the ridiculous bottleneck between sections 1 and 2]

Kabam: Whoops, here are some more changes [including removing the ridiculous bottleneck]. No need to practice. Off you go!

I don't think I'm overstating it to say that the last week or so have been the most stressful time I've had with the game, and have entailed a lot of work for myself and my officers and the rest of my alliance, to make the necessary adjustments to contend with the proposed changes. We didn't like them, but we didn't complain; we put our noses down and got to work. Now to find that much of that work and stress was unnecessary and wasted... well, it doesn't further endear me to the game.

Betas are for testing. Offseasons are for preparation.
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