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8.5 m Expert/Advance AQ tier, tiers 4/5 mainly AW

We are looking for 1 highly skilled summoner to join us
no arena mins typical mins for duels, completion and item use typically 6-20% in SA with no saving mainly us based
we play maps 2-4 in aq ( to keep the stress low) we are in tiers 4/5 mainly in AW we win more then we lose
min requirements. 11 440's or better ideally you have some rank 5 4s or r3+ 5
add my line to talk cytwbc


  • cytwbccytwbc Posts: 93
    Still looking for 1
    minor changes
    we are going to start playing map 5 a lil but still main focus on AW

    on AWA days we always play map 2,

    we also are not 8.5 anymore but we are over 8 m

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