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AW Season 10 Videos

Now, the new season started, and I'll post my AW videos in this thread.


  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190621 [4L0ki] GUARDIANS OF THE STONE

    The new season started with a new map. Forgot to record some battles. This node regenerates huge. The goblin restored full health every time I lose timing of heal block. Got him on the second try, and maybe I can get him one shot next time.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190623 [Rül] *Rule 76*

    Easy war as opponent didn't have full members, which results in small number of fights. No death and no items also.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190625 [SSx2] SavageSquad

    Overall good, but failed to kill Havok in one shot. Need to keep heal block, but lost timing. Maybe next time one shot possible.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190628 [ISO8A] ISO-8 Anonymous

    Not so good war. Could avoid death on both fights.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190630 [J11] X-Men

    Overall, not so bad. The mini boss darkhawk was failed due to reverse class. Other fights are well done.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190707 [5469] I DRAGONI ITALIANI

    Finished well at section 1, but died once by Domino at section 2. All the line it seems Vision is my only usable attacker.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183

    Finished line without death, as it is certain to win this time tried mini boss with remaining champions. Lost all 3 champs to Hyperion due to timing lost.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190712 [STKAG] AGENTS OF STARK

    First attempt with suicide mastery. All going well until Nick Fury. Keep full healing due to buffet, died once. Changed mastery without dexterity, and got him. Died one more on the Havok mini boss, should have tried without suicide mastery.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190714 [-SB-] Samurai Blood

    Died twice on Korg on regen node. Lost timing for heal block. Apparently Void helped a lot on this node, but could not kill him as my Void is only rank 4. Died one more on Iceman, failed to avoid sp1. Not good results on this war, but killed some mini bosses also. Need more practice on those lines.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190716 [SMĀSH] Smash Elite 1.0

    Not good condition, at Thing lost timing several times, and lost 3 deaths. Eventually I could finish him with Quake. (Missed recording though) Next plan would be make Void rank 5 and practice more.
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