Coral calendar

So this is where I'm at in my coral calender.

As you can see I have not missed a day according to my regular calendar

So why is the coral calender not ending on the 2nd day like it should be? There are 30 days in the month. That's 4 weeks with a remainder of 2 days. Am I missing out on coral or is this how everyone's is?


  • Thanks for the assist on this, Wozzy101!
  • Thekiller8967Thekiller8967 Posts: 265 ★★
    Ohh ok thank you so much. Was trying to figure out if I can squeeze out 3 more epic rifts or not @Wozzy101
  • KhensiKhensi Posts: 10
    I don't know if that lie or not about miss champion but i lost also one champion becuase wen drawed crystals sayd network eror in game and part worst no had any eror in network. Since mornigstar uptade game work worst that beter:
    1: wen you draw a caracter is chance lose even if you get him. I cheked champ i got and wasn't on list;
    2: some time login reward is no work. Was need get 1k sharad from event forgot name but was long time ago no got noting.
    3: many cheat on game and because kabam no care i decided no use mony in game untill they make security strong.
    4: to many bots in game is show game is lack alot of security and is not safe.
    5: Game server is fall down from 21:00- 07.30 mornig game is no work is say network eror. I tested network with aurora kingdom 2 is a jap game what is work with server korea,china and jap and is work fine. Also tested games from magazing play for be shure is not me network fault and isn't and no had this isue wille kabam have and could play any game wille contest champion was unable play.
    6: Game have so many bugs i could make a list very long but most important bug is team dungeon wen someone send request to you for join dungeon is freze game but others work like story,arena, ally conquest,war etc.
    7: Kabam no care about loial customers and loial players in game at all.
    They should fix all bugs no make new uptade and never fix noting.
    If no fix any bugs least take in consideration security game sistem vs cheaters.
    With respect Serenno to Kabam team.
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