Labyrinth Ultron not taking any damage after being hit by an energy special attack

QwertyQwerty Posts: 636 ★★★
His enigmatic says that he takes no damage from an energy based a special 1 and 2, but if you hit him with one of those, all basic attacks after that deals him no damage until you hit him with another one.


  • Shadow_roastShadow_roast Posts: 399
    Can u plz send a pic of his enigmatic?
  • SungjSungj Posts: 2,099 ★★★★★
    This has been a bug for a while people just don't use special attacks to get past the bug. The same thing happens with rhino except he has 90% physical resistance so randomly in the fight he could become damage immune after any basic attack and you just have to exit out and go back in
  • QwertyQwerty Posts: 636 ★★★
  • KDawg88KDawg88 Posts: 53
    It's the same with Ex Rhino if he blocks the first part of his SP2, any attacks after that register no damage.
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