When are the issues with new AI update going to be addressed?!

There have been multiple threads about how after the updates to AI and the reaction time issues and OT once has the moderators or Kabam approached the subject. There have been multiple complaints, videos etc.....it has been explained multiple ways.....no accountability. When a bug or update that benefits players is found it is IMMEDIATELY fixed even resulting in "emergency maintenance"....yet here we are same glaring issues MONTHS about AI reaction speed being changed.

To restate what are issues so theres no confusion.....

1. AI punches through blocks after receiving 5 hit combos
2. Do to ridiculous reaction time Night Crawler no longer switches to swashbuckling mode making him almost impossible to fight on high difficulty levels and Alliance Wars
3. AI immediately activates a special 1 or 2 after whiffing a combo or being parried which is supposed to STUN them
4. AI dashes forward dashes ...dashes back when about to get hit then dashes forward again resulting in player being screwed into a combo when they had advantage
5. AI immediately dashes forward and lands a hit after being hit while blocking (2 or 3 times)
6. AI ca. Parry a Parry immediately then combo or special player with NO way to block or react
7. AI dashes toward player and lands hit after player does a special 3

ALL of these issues result from reaction time of AI being shortened. In any other fighting game I've ever played they dont suddenly change AI on a whim.

Instead of introducing more content with champions that are stun immune, block parry, cant be hit cause hits dont count as contact, or make unavoidable damage with no counter......fix the issue with AI. Harder content with broken game mechanics is not what we expect from a game over 4 years old. Change the AI back to way it was prior to last 3 updates. The AI reaction speed is TOO fast!


  • ArcDeAngelusArcDeAngelus Posts: 209
    Haven't seen or heard of #1 before. Outside of that only 7 seems to be a bug, the rest are all something the player can do so are something the AI should be able to do in return. The more MCOC AI reacts like players the more challenging the game will be at least, this just seems like you're annoyed that they've actually tried to improve their AI as they should instead of letting it stagnate
  • Unknown_SoldierUnknown_Soldier Posts: 148 ★★
    edited June 2019
    No ....that's what new nodes r for. There is PLENTY of ways to make this game challenging without making the AI ridiculously cheap. In fights like last month's Thanos ONE incident causes you DEATH. If the AI doesnt give opportunity to counter your left with throwing units to buy potions.......a game shouldn't force you to pay. And NO you cant execute a special mid combo nor can you INSTANTLY counter AI if ur blocking their attack and dash forward as they dash to avoid you. Unless you are new to this game you would also realize that Night Crawler no longer changes stances. So now you got a champ that evades almost every hit with no counter than a few True Strike champs.....

    A player CANNOT react as quickly the same as AI in recent updates......the input a person has to press will always be slower than a AI.

    Why do people defend Kabam for changing mechanics of game? Basic mechanics of game like blocking, evading etc are affected by these changes......its not right and disingenuous go people who use their time and money keeping this game going. As I said , ANY time a mechanic is changed that players exploit its IMMEDIATELY addressed. Have you not noticed there are NO revives on any map anymore? This game has begun to be exploitive in forcing players to spend. When your facing a unstunabble S1 unblockable Yellow Jacket I wonder how you defend Kabam when you lose due to the changes and not of your own fault!
  • Phone2312Phone2312 Posts: 83
    It’s just getting more competitive. I’m getting very annoyed with the AI of the sentinels because i can usually hammer them into the ground within seconds, but have to spend a whole minute on the fight now. That’s all. NC is a pain but just use four hit combos instead of 5.
  • arni2arni2 Posts: 362 ★★
    I do agree with the post. We are getting more and more stun immune nodes, it’s fine, challenging, but.... when you can’t backdraft intercept, when you can’t react to insane recovery speed of the AI, you gain nothing for being skilled player because AI will always win, this leaves you with one solid strategy, bait heavy, unfortunately it’s lame strategy, you receive a lot of damage due this.
    Kabam Mike said multiple times that AI wasn’t changed, but then we received a bug fix where “Sentinel recovery time reverted to previous version so player can attack after his sp1”. I’m not here to blame Mike, he is just a messenger, a good one.

    I do love this game, but the direction that this game is taking for last couple months is pretty bad.
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