Dormammu animations and final scenario.

Can't you change the damn Dormammu's fight scenario? Lag is 2x more impacting. Add to this the current bugs. It is totally a ****.


  • Mcord11758Mcord11758 Posts: 1,257 ★★★★
    Agree 100%. I feel like it's senseless. For me to fight him
  • BeowulfBeowulf Posts: 34
    Yeah the devices can't handle his model or animations particularly when he's moving so aggressively as he does in AQ.

    Probably intentional
  • Noob_2yrsNoob_2yrs Posts: 67
    AQ/AW he moves so aggressively and my iphone6s plus can not handle it. Yesterday spent 1500 units to take part of mamu AW boss. Its toally frustrating to waste for kabam bugs.
  • JaffacakedJaffacaked Posts: 1,416 ★★★★
    edited May 2017
    Even against other champs that background lags for me but when it comes to boss fights it's unplayable lag. But if it makes money then I can't see it being changed
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