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Who should my first r5 5* be?

icm4266icm4266 Posts: 45
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I just got elders bane and will be getting my first r5 as soon as I get enough T2As. I'm having trouble deciding on who to rank so I figured that I'd ask. I have a Starlord (sig lvl 145) and Domino (sig lvl 7) and they've both been incredibly useful champs. I wasn't too sure about SL when I first ranked him but he has been amazing since. Domino on the other hand has been the star of my team for the last 6-7 months

Who should my first r5 5* be? 29 votes

Spity68 1 vote
TheManMythLegendKihlgastPenumbroustkhan08WorknprogressAantho_fr3do_WerewrymJayProngsPeterQuillrcm2017Charlie_SceneColinwhitworth69Markg25MC2707StanceSidDDragonWoogieboogieEtjamaNANDORDITT 28 votes


  • Ironman3000Ironman3000 Posts: 171 ★★★
    Never r5 SL. He is not useful outside of LOL and now he's not even the best option for that. Domino is the much better option.
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