AW 3BGs Silver1, AQ 4/3x5 laid back but active/consistent LF 4

Hey all, 4-year alliance going strong and looking to advance a bit more. Had to lose a few less active players to keep it fair to the rest so we're seeking 4 more right now to help the progression. Avg Member Rating 525K with 300K min.
No donations, 2 maps of AQ (4/3) and 3 maps AW.
Message me if there's anything I missed:
Line id and in-game SprossTheBoss


  • SprossTheBossSprossTheBoss Posts: 65
    Still looking...we are Gold 3 now for AW! Hoping to work our way up gradually through the season
  • Gipsy_DangerGipsy_Danger Posts: 189
    can i join? @SprossTheBoss
  • TheBoogyManTheBoogyMan Posts: 1,058 ★★★
    That's a two years old post. I was also thinking of joining until i saw the time of post. Lol
  • SprossTheBossSprossTheBoss Posts: 65
    Lol I had posted a more recent one the other day, but I think we are full up at the moment now as we had most of a BG from another alliance merge with us. Cheers guys
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