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iOS 13 support

Now that iOS 13 public beta is out when can we see some support for that. I would like to be on iOS 13 and still be able to play the game. Even if it isn’t fully supported I’d like to be able to load the app and at least try and use it while on iOS 13. On my dev account the app was just stuck on the loading screen.


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    TheVyrusTheVyrus Posts: 418 ★★★
    Tip for quality of life improvement, never use the OS beta regardless of Apple or Android
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    SladeMaverickSladeMaverick Posts: 28
    Tyrannus said:

    Apple said not to use ios13 beta so good luck damaging your device

    A. Apple never said not to use iOS 13, what would be the purpose of the beta. B. That’s what back ups are for. C. The only “damaging” you can do is with the watch OS beta, if can brick your watch and render it useless if something goes wrong with the install, and that’s a big if. D. Haven’t had a problem on any device yet. Thanks for your input though.
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