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6.2 Rewards - Cavalier Crystals

Doomsfist79Doomsfist79 Posts: 337 ★★
I realize 6.2 has been out for a while now.. but was wondering about the thought process of having Cavalier Crystals as part of the rewards for 6.2. There is an 88% chance of not getting at least a 5*. My question is, why have a reward which does not help with progression for act 6.. the chances are with the cavalier crystals you will get a 3 or 4* which can not be used for act 6.. why provide rewards which can not be used in the mode you earn them.. it would have made more sense to have 6* shards rather than the cav shards..

Yes.. Yes.. i know someone is going to say.. "but you have a chance" of 5/6*.. but do you really do these long/difficult quests for a chance of items that will help you progress?
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