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KABAM: Add surveys to game

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What do companies love???? Data. It’s something that can be presented to managers in meetings or used as extra pool to pull ideas from.

Full disclosure: I am taking this idea from Konami and their mobile/PC card game Yugioh Duel Links.

With ~2 days left in their event they send out surveys to players (not in forum). They ask questions like: rate smoothness of animations, were the instructions easy to understand.

More importantly, they ask for feedback to improve it and *best of all* feedback for future events/general feedback.

Personally, I love this feature because they have, for the most part, listened to feedback (mine, lol).

We are getting guardian/seal of oricalchos cards, earthbound immortals, and they have put unfair cards on the ban list. They aren’t perfect but they have provided the major aspects for which I have requested. It also allows more scheduled feedback compared to more chaotic.

We all know that constructive feedback gets priority over raging so it forces us to make decision. Do we want to waste our feedback with rage post or give good feedback on the game? With 1 survey/month summoners have to think about what they want to say, rather than be emotional.

I think player feedback would be beneficial because so many players are creative. They are passionate about this game and put a lot of time and effort into it. Players in-game don’t necessarily think like ppl on forums, in fact, most people never visit forums at all.

Of course, don’t allow spam or swearing and such.

I think data is very important these days and offering survey at end of event (in-game, not forums) is a win-win. There is no arguing. You let developer know about your experience and they have something to fill a meeting ;)
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