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Please fix the dungeon pairings

How was I paired with a player that brought a team with a rating10k lower than mine? Why was he even allowed to bring a team with two 4 stars into dungeon 7? I feel like some of my heavy hitters were wasted. The guy could not even complete 1 room. I beat the boss linked.


  • Bryon_502Bryon_502 Posts: 133

  • Bryon_502Bryon_502 Posts: 133
    I would have rather waited 5 more minutes to get paired with someone wanting to do a deep run.
  • Kaladin_Kaladin_ Posts: 391
    Yeah man that sucks. There should be some kind of matchmaking, like with the ratings in AW.
  • FinchestoFinchesto Posts: 33
    I've experienced something similar too, either as a victim or a victim of a circumstance.

    It's even more painful when you took in 3 of your hard-hitters without the intention of refreshing them from cool off time
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