Champion broken again after update?!



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    KungFury said:

    Gamer said:

    KungFury said:

    Since the new Update Morningstar doesnt get any life back from her sp2 when she has her 5 souls and fight the last 10% of the 6.2.6 Champion.
    After ranking her up to rank 4 just for that only use vs the final boss than using all boosts and many revives and potions to just notify that thankful kabam put on silence nerf on her
    Very Customer friendful
    No refunds for „works as intended“ ?-.-

    It call life steal after you deal zoro danmged when the last phess you don’t wont steal life
    plz dont comment if u got no clue, u get lifeback with normals hits they deal no dmg too, watch those ms vidoes on youtube u will see before update specials gave back life too, now its jsut normal hits witch regain lifes no specials.......
    Personally it shuld not giving life back but wil you proved a vidoes of it consider that els I’m stick with what I’m thuget how it shuld work life steal you need to deal danmged right
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    @Kabam Lyra I did it on June 28. I still had the bug
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