Treasury Donation Lockout Period - In Effect Now

Greetings Summoners

Starting today, there will be a Treasury Donation Lockout applied to those joining a new Alliance. This Lockout means that new Alliance Members will be unable to donate for 8 days after joining an Alliance

This is another action we are taking in our continued efforts to promote fair play in the Contest, and to prevent fraud and anti-competitive behaviour.

Additionally, we will be reducing the Donation Cost for Alliance Quest Map 7.

Current Map 7 Costs:

Gold: 4,000,000
Loyalty: 300,000
Battlechips: 500,000

New Map 7 Costs:

Gold: 3,000,000
Loyalty: 300,000
Battlechips:: 400,000

This Treasury Donation Lockout Period is in effect immediately.
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