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Looking for a temporary home

Heya! I am currently taking a break from some of the more competitive alliance play for a bit.. I've been playing solo for a couple weeks now, but looking for a small income of glory for certain resources before I jump back into the fray.

Just so you know right out of the gate, I've got an ally that I plan to go back to.. Been playing with them a long time and I want to join them again when I can. I simply got too busy with RL commitments to keep up with what they were running. I estimate my stint would be 2-3 months before I go back to said ally.

I've been playing the game for 3+ years so have lots of experience with the game, and am always happy and willing to help others.

Right now I'm looking for mainly an AQ focused ally, preferably map 4.. I can do map 5 but it's not ideal for me at this time. I'd also rather sit on the sideline for AW so if you're a 1 or 2 BG war ally, that's more or less what I'm looking for (might jump in for the odd one here or there). Season rewards aren't a concern for me, so if I don't hit 5 wars that's perfectly fine.

I realize this might be a big list of demands, but if you would like to talk further my Line ID is aronweylyn1. Or leave your ID below and I'll hit you up when I can.

Thanks for your time :)


  • You sound like someone who we are looking for!

    Blackwater [Darth] and Blackfyre are sister alliances. Blackfyre is a stronger team and we are more competitive, whereas Blackwater is slightly more laid back. Both teams have access to various channels on Discord so there is still a strong element of social fun.

    Blackwater currently has 17 members and we run map 4 with less frequent wars for just one Battlegroup. We would be happy to take you in for a couple of months if you are happy to download Discord?

    Look me up in the game (inclinedblue) or try Line (stormandphoenix) if you are interested. :smile:
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